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[personal profile] kristy2017-04-19 04:15 pm

Looking for friends :)



MY STORY: I'm a survivor of Domestice Abuse & in the last 5 years of freedom, I've grown a backbone & take no garbage from anyone, anymore! I'm so strong these days & am surprised by it. But, I have learned a lot, since leaving him, in 2012. I love cats, very much & have 2 furballs. I also volunteer, twice weekly, with cats. I like to dabble with graphic making. And, love photography & sometimes, post pics of my cats & random things.

LIFE GOALS: I'd like to someday buy a huge amount of land & have a farmhouse & barn & to shelter all the cats, that need a home. :D

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME: I'm almost 50 but feel about 35, most of the time!

Feel free to read my profile for more information about me!


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COUNTRY: Slovakia (a tiny dot in the middle of Europe)

MY STORY: Gosh, I'm going through another 'I-need-to-change-my-life-otherwise-I'll-go-crazy' and that's the reason I joined Dreamwidth, a writer at heart, I'm hoping to get my muse back and manage to finally finish something that would be worth for others to read. Otherwise, an aunt, administrative rat, party girl who loves to sleep and someone who still believes that one person can change the world.

I'M INSPIRED BY: Life, memories, friendship and family.

LIFE GOALS: Write and be happy.

RANDOM FACT ABOUT ME: I'm very touchy-feely person, yet a touch scares me more than anything. I'm still trying to find out why.

OTHER: I like to learn (languages / history) and read (John Le Carre / Lars Saabye Christensen) and travel (current on list: Scotland). I watch stuff (Doctor Who, The OA ...), although much less than I used to, read fanfics (still A LOT) and get to know new music (alternative rock, electronic music).

Anyone is welcome to chat :)

Let's get this party started... Oh ohoh.. oh ohoh...

 AGE GROUP / GENDER: Early 40s & F


LIKES: Creating. Daydreaming. Paddle boarding. Vegetables. Goats. Horses. Chickens. Music. 

DISLIKES: Politics. Religion. Hate.

MY STORY: I'm an artist. A creator. A starry-eyed optimistic. I'm an introvert, a smart ass, and I say fuck a lot. (Don't worry, it offends me too) I live on a farm. I have muddy boots, painted fingernails, my own business, and a large collection of bungee cords. My writing style fluctuates greatly with my moods. I reserve the right to not make any sense at any given time as well as the right to make you think that six totally different people are writing in this journal. I even entertain myself in that aspect. Just go with it.

Sometimes I write well thought out entries. Sometimes I just type shit and hit post. It is what it is. LiveJournaler since 2003, imported here 2017.


LIFE GOALS: Avoid growing up. Stop running with scissors. Get taxes done early. Don't go grocery shopping when hungry.

RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME: I can say the alphabet faster backwards than I can forwards. I can't whistle. I love bananas.